More About Dr. Mintz

I am a board certified internist and have been in practice since 1997 at an academic medical center on the east cost.  In addition to a busy clinical practice, I spend most of my time teaching our medical students.  I run our medical school's doctoring course in the first three years, and direct our primary care clerkship for our third year students.  In addition to medical education, I have an interest in a variety of chronic medical conditions including asthma, COPD, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, obesity and nicotine dependance.  I have done some research and publications in these areas. 

I initially started this blog as a way to communicate my thoughts and perspectives on medical news, specifically new study results or safety issues that are highlighted by the media.  So many of my patients would call or email me with concerns about what they just heard on the news about a product they had been taking or the newest medical treatment they had heard about, I felt that setting up a blog was a more proactive and efficient way to answer these questions.

I am the respiratory editor of Redi-Reference Clinical Update, which is a biweekly clinical newsletter which reviews the most recent medical literatuer relevant to primary care providers and delivers those reviews to your PDA, mobile device or computer. 

I am a peer reviewer for a number of medical journal including American Family Physician, Journal of Family Practice, Mayo Clinic Proceedings and the Journal of General Internal Medicine

I have written a book called "Disorders of the Respiratory Tract: Common Challenges for the Primary Care Practitioner" Totowa, NJ: The Humana Press Inc. 2006

Select Publications
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